Today Was A Good Day

Like the title says, today was a good day. It was “Dia de los Ninos,” or Children’s Day. When I was a kid, I always asked my parents why there wasn’t Kids Day, but they said every day is kids day.
Anyhow, they have it here. So I didn’t really have to teach. I just hung around the school with my fourth graders for about four hours. That grade is pretty cool and pretty funny. Some sang karaoke, and then we played Dance Dance Revolution on the Play Station (I handed their asses to them). Then I joked with a little girl about taking her water balloon, and that eventually turned into me chasing about 12 of my fourth grade girls all around the school grounds. I’d hide, jump out from a corner, and yell “BWAAAAAAHAHAHA!!!”, chasing a pack of screaming girls away. It’s pretty much what usually happens when I talk to girls, I guess, only this time the girls are a lot younger…And it was hilarious.
And now I’m in a little town called La Fortuna. I’m hoping to see a volcano called Arenal tomorrow. But if not, I’ll just hang out in my hotel room (12 dollars for three beds, a bathroom with hot water, and free internet access!). And to get here I took a nice, winding, three-hour bus ride filled with good music on the ipod.
So like I said, today was a good day!

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