The Revenge of Bryan Sitzman

Last Friday I dressed up for Halloween, sort of:

I told my students that Ryan was sick, and that my name was Bryan, Ryan’s Evil Twin. It was actually pretty fun, because they played along. For example, when I couldn’t name the capital of Uganda–it’s a long story, but we talk about capitals a lot in my class)–they said, “Oh don’t worry Bryan, I’m sure Ryan would know.” And my coworkers were freaked out, too. Mainly just because they weren’t used to seeing me with hair. Quite a few people didn’t even recognize me in Clark Kent mode.

In any case, though, it’s interesting to observe how the hair really makes the man. Obviously, this was just a shitty wig, but I looked completely different. And in my class yesterday, my students found out that I was 28. Many of them were very surprised, possibly because I look like I’m in my 40s, hair-wise. They laughed when I told them, “The years haven’t been kind.” I got the same effect when two of my coworkers who look younger than I do, learned that I was actually a bit younger than them. It was all a good moment of Schadenfreude, but I’m not sure if the Schadenfreude was at their expense or at mine.

Basically, hair on your head is great. If you have some, enjoy it while you can, you lucky, hairy bastards.

Bryan Sitzman

(Photo credit: Carlos Cascante)

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3 thoughts on “The Revenge of Bryan Sitzman

  1. Hahaha! Man, times likes this is when I hate not being in Heredia anymore. Picturing your students’ faces when you came into the class cracks me up.

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