The Return of Ryangela Junior

Please allow me to paraphrase and totally rip-off a phrase that my friends Zach, Andy, and Soup said when they got their cat Sampson: “Angela and I both got a little pussy last weekend.”

That’s right: despite our repeated protests that we have nowhere to put a cat and that it’s been raining non-stop for about a week now, Angela’s sister Teresa “returned” Ryan Junior to us. That was the little blond cat that we found in the road, you’ll remember. He’s not as little now, and Teresa said that he was sucking the mother cat at their house dry.

So, now we have a cat. Since we still don’t know jack about kitten anatomy, we’ve taken sides as to what the cat is; I think it’s a boy, Angela suspects a girl. Also, its eyes have changed from blue to a sort of green, so calling it Ryan Junior wasn’t as accurate anymore, since Angela also had blond hair when she was a girl. So, we named it Ryangela Junior.

It’s going to be an outside cat, but right now, I feel kind of bad for it since it’s raining so much. He’s got a nice little area in the room in the back, but still, it’s a crappy room. Plus, I think it still wants a mamá cat, since it’s always trying to climb up on us and get milk from our necks. The picture above (taken by Angela) is of me and Ryangela Junior. When he sits on my shoulder like that, I sort of feel like a pirate with a parrot. A really, really annoying and repetitive parrot that only says “meow.”

But he’s soooo cute.
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