The Fungus Among Us

I guess that one of the downsides of living in a really humid, damp, musty climate (besides a closet full of stinky, supposedly clean clothes that are almost moist to the touch) is apparently some sort of common fungus. And it would appear that I have this fungus on my chest, which causes me to get these pale little white circles, especially when I spend time in the sun. I’ll spare you a picture of my chest, mainly because it’s not so cool-looking, but also because it seems to be off-season for fungus, now that the daily downpours have stopped.

In any case, when I was in Colorado I went to my friend McGrew, who is a Physician’s Assistant, and he prescribed me these two little pills. Which cost $8.00. But he claims they work, and I hope he’s right. I even carefully followed his comprehensive prescription instructions, which are:

“Take 2 tablets by mouth in the morning with orange juice then sweat at noon and shower in the evening.”

The people at the pharmacy said it was the strangest instructions they’d seen. Anyhow, let’s hope they work, and if you come visit Coast Tasty, be sure to apply a thick, protective coat of Lamisil underneath your sunblock!
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