Some Pictures To Get Caught Up

I’ve been carrying around my little USB flash drive thing for a while now, and it’s got some pictures that I meant to put up one time or another, but never had the chance. So, here are some selected pictures of what’s been going on here recently:

This is a little flower/rock garden I made in the front of our house from rocks I dug up in the yard (while trying to flatten the dirt for the grass). We got those little bushes put in, too, by the same people who brought the sod. I was impressed, since it was only about 100 bucks for 360 of those little plants, and the people even planted them for us.

Back for Costa Rican Mother’s Day (August 15th), we took Angela’s mom and her sister Toni to Termales del Bosque, one of our favorite tourist spots. This is them enjoying a much-deserved froofy drink in the hot springs.

Also in August, we went to Colorado, but when we came back, we discovered that the drawers in our closet were all covered with mold on the bottom. It’s hard to see here, but it was like salt and pepper mixed in with wasabi. Mold is depressing.

We also bought a couple dozen Costa Rican tamales recently when Berlín’s community hall was broken into. Some thieves took the school’s cooking supplies, so local mothers made and sold a bunch of tamales to pay to replace them. Why was the school in the community hall, you ask? Because the roof of the school blew off nearly a year ago in that fierce wind storm, and they’ve not gotten around to replacing it. Therefore, Berlín’s school is back to one room, with plastic tarps dividing the grades. Dammit.

We bought a carrier to take our assorted cats to the vet, and for some reason Cucho loves to sleep there. Thus proving once and for all that Cucho is a moron.

My friend and ex-coworker Angie (or as I call her, “Fonseca Quiros,” due to her last names) sent me this picture of us during a job fair. I’m the one on the right.

This is a nice plant called “rice and beans” due to its two flowers of different colors. On our trip to Limón during Annie’s visit, a lady gave us a twig from the plant, and we put the twig in some water in our kitchen. A few months later, we have a beautiful plant.

When I was walking around Berlín the other day, there was fog everywhere except a little opening in the clouds, showing Puntarenas and the shining Gulf of Nicoya around it. Berlín is frustrating but beautiful at times.

Speaking of beautiful, here’s an orchid that my mother-in-law Cecilia had growing on her back patio. It’s strange, since it grows down, from the roots of the plant.

Nature’s weird.

Well, thanks for reading. I’ll be trying to get some more posts up later this week, but until then, hope this finds everyone in good health!
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  1. Hi Pat,
    Actually, I’m pretty sure it’d be hard to come by in the US. We just saw it at a small cafe on the way back from Limon (the Caribbean province), but I’ve hardly seen it since then… I suppose you could take the picture to a bigger nursery in Fort Collins, and they might be able to help you out…

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