Some More Fake Bands

A while ago I wrote about my fake band, Iffeldorf, and then a bit later some friends sent in their fake bands.

In any case, in the meantime I’ve heard about two new up-and-coming fake bands, and I wanted to share them with you.

First of all, we have the band fronted by my buddy and ex-coworker Roberto Monterrosa (yes, that’s his real name and yes, it is that awesome):

The band is October BANK Holiday (he insists on capitalizing and emphasizing the “bank” part), and the album’s name is, obviously, “Now I’m beginning to believe it.”
When he sent me the pic, he asked if I knew what the cat and bird represent. I was a bit unsure at first; perhaps a sort of racial tension? Two of the bandmates? A cat and a bird?
But, of course, I was a dumbass. The white cat represents cocaine, and the green bird represents money. Duh! How could I have missed that?
In any case, Robby describes it as a sort of rapcore band, but better!

Next, we all knew that my brother Paul made movies (check out two of the newest ones here and here… in this second one you can actually see Paul; he’s the guy in the backseat who apparently has a camera in his crotch). But aside from movies, Paul’s been producing his debut album with his new group Ocrad:

The title, juxtaposed with the gentle picture, is hilarious and says everything! I’m eagerly awaiting the album’s upcoming release, but if it’s like I imagine, it’ll be blissfully wrathful, operatic Welsh music. Sort of like Enya at a rehab center in hell.

In any case, thanks to these two great gents for their contribution to the fake music world, and I wish them the best of luck!

Keep on rocking!

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  1. Paul — those videos were shot and cut amazingly! Wow! Great job, man…


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