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Hi Everyone,

Well, I’m not sure if this can really be considered a “Sitzmedia” thing, but I recently came across a couple of articles that I thought you readers might enjoy. Just as if you were going to read a “Sunay Magazine” insert in a big-ass Sunday newspaper, I envision my North American readers curling up on the couch with a laptop and a cup of coffee, avoiding the cold, harsh weather outside.

I envision my rural Costa Rican readers curling up with a can of Fanta while sitting on an adjustable chair at an internet café, surrounded by little brats yelling and playing Halo online. But you don’t really know what you’re missing anyhow, since the newspaper doesn’t even deliver this far out.

Yep, nice and cozy.
In any case, here are the articles (just click on the links):

Let my people go!

Rats, just one day too late for Valentine’s Day!

Dustin sent me this ungodly site (I better tell you now it’s about nude gardening and not suitable for work)

And finally, some enlightening news from the medical field!

So, hope you enjoy the articles!

Sunday Hugs,

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4 thoughts on “Sitzmedia: Sunday Magazine

  1. The calendar is marked for May 2, then. God knows we have lots of gardening to get done here, and it’d be great to do it naked, too. Although I’ll be concerned about…
    1. mosquitoes
    2. poisonous snakes
    3. tree branches with thorns
    4. spiders
    5. angry Berlin hicks
    …biting, scraping, or shooting off my wanger.
    We’ll see.

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