Sitzbook 200-Word Review: ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ by Patrick Ness

I came across this book by chance when the Kindle version was on sale. Although I didn’t know anything about the author or the story, I decided to take a chance on it. It had lots of really good review and after all, it was only a dollar or two.

I’m very glad I did. As it turns out, The Rest of Us Just Live Here is aimed at the young adult (YA) crowd, but it’s still enjoyable for an adult like me who’s not so young anymore.

The premise is fairly simple yet still likely to make you think, “Dang, how come I didn’t come up with that?” The story revolves around a group of small-town kids who go to a high school where supernatural events keep happening. It’s basically something like Twilight, but from the perspective of the protagonists’ bystander classmates.

I loved how Ness consciously played around with YA tropes at the start of every chapter, only to ultimately subvert them by returning back to the more mundane lives of his characters and their concerns as they try to finish their last few weeks of high school.

If you’re want a quick, enjoyable read, check it out!

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