Prepare The Wedding Sack

Many of you know this by now, but I wanted to announce that I got engaged a week or so ago! Pretty cool, eh?

Now, let’s get to the answers of the most frequently asked questions:

1- Yes, to Angela.

2- I’m not sure myself how I was able to get a girl like that, either.

3- Yes, I swear that she said yes…I’m not making this up. For more details on how this came about, read the previous post.

4- We don’t know when the wedding will be, but we’re aiming for July, possibly in the first week. It’ll be here in Costa Rica. Details will follow as soon as possible.

5- Sure, you can come.

6- Yes, you should get a passport.

7- I’ll be living here in Costa Rica for the foreseeable future. We’re fixing to build a house in Berlin and live happily ever after.

8- The title from this posting is a reference to the Borat movie.

9- Here’s a picture of the happy couple:

So, to all the people who have congratulated us, thanks very much! We’re both very excited that we found each other and that we’ll be able to spend the rest of our lives together!

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10 thoughts on “Prepare The Wedding Sack

  1. Congratulations, does that mean I’ll have a new table, desk, and kitchen utensils!!!???


  2. YAY YAY YAY!!! Perhaps I’ll go to Berlin, Germany and toast the happy couple when you are getting married! So exciting! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats man! I guess this is the period of my life where everyone I know gets married (including myself). I really hope I can make it for the wedding. Wish your fi-ance the best for me.

  4. Thanks for the wishes, guys!
    And Kris, I´ll sort out a way to get that crap out of your house sometime, don´t worry…
    I may set up a base in Colorado, too, but not for a bit.

  5. Good ta hear you guys are Takin’ Care of Bidness down there in Latin America’…Congrats to ya both! TCB, baby.



    Well if that was not a surprise! All of us here in Regenstauf wish both of you the very best!!
    Berlin sounds good!!! That would be too good to be true.

    Take care!!

    Maj Heinz Jens Maria

  7. We’ll Be there. Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you! We’ve always wanted to visit Berlin with Ryan as our tour-guide.


    Martha and Julien

    PS. Still “cold-ass” here in Colorado (In case you were wondering).

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