Pictures of the Day, September 3-12, 2010

Hi Everyone!
Here are some Pictures of the Day from the last week or so:

September 3rd: This is a water tank near our house.
Angela and I went for a walk on the road into Berlin to check out some of the new landslides. (Note: This is a very poignant example of how there’s nothing to do in Berlin).

September 4th: Independence Day is coming up soon, so there are decorations all over (including ones that take up a major chunk of my white board when I teach).

Living in another country can either promote or kill your own personal patriotism, and for me, I think it’s done the latter. Sort of like religions that have heavens that are mutually exclusive to other beliefs, it’s hard to get pumped about any country, when you realize that all countries have good and bad things.

Plus, Costa Rica is also home to the “red, white, and blue.”

September 5th: Our fenceposts have finally started sprouting! Ha ha!
Compare it to this picture.

September 6th: The pay phone at work. I had this in mind for a while as a “backup” plan for a day when I’d not found a good Picture of the Day.
I like this phone. The last time we went to the US, there weren’t any pay phones anywhere, and it was a pain in my ass to try to call home. Finally, our cool waiter at the Irish restaurant at the Dallas airport loaned me his cell phone.
Damn cell phones.

September 7th: A street lamp near work.

September 8th: The bridge over the Tempisque River in Guanacaste. It was donated to Costa Rica by the government of Taiwan, and was called the “Costa Rica-Taiwan Friendship Bridge.” Then, of course, Costa Rica dropped Taiwan because China offered to build the country a new National Stadium, and sweetened the deal with some shitty new police patrol cars.

So now the bridge is referred to as the “Stab in the Back” bridge.

September 9th: Actually, now that I see this picture, I realize that I don’t know what these things are. Surely, they go into the ocean, but beyond that, I’m not sure what they’re called. I taught my Wednesday class at the resort again, and I had Thursday free to check out the beautiful beaches.

September 10th: The market in Palmares. We were waiting on some tires, so we walked around town a bit.

September 11th: This is a sort of sculpture made out of mufflers. The sculpture is a man with a bazooka riding a motorcycle. It’s on the roof of an auto repair shop in Quebradas, which is one of the few places on Earth I genuinely dislike. It’s a small town in the hills between Berlin and Palmares, and I have to drive through there every day to get to work. The narrow road is always filled with cars, kids, chickens, dogs, people walking or sitting in the street… you name it.

In any case, I’d meant for a while to get a picture of this bazooka guy, but it’s in an area on a sort of incline, and it’s a very difficult place to stop (and eventually get going again), but I finally did it. In the leftovers you can see the sign for the auto shop, and know that I’m not just making this all up.

September 12th: It was a pretty slow day here in Berlin. It rained quite a bit, and we mainly hung out inside. Even Chubby didn’t want to go out, but he did the next best thing: he slept on the top ledge of the high garage window. That’s about 9 feet off the ground, and he’s gotta somehow get up there from inside the garage. That cat has some pretty crazy skills that we just don’t even know about.

I’ve also been uploading a lot of pictures from 2008. So far they’re mostly from around Costa Rica, but I’m hoping to get more up soon, including ones of our trip to Colorado and Mexico.

So, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!
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3 thoughts on “Pictures of the Day, September 3-12, 2010

  1. cool! and hey, how can you say there is nothing to do when you have NEW landslides to check out, most probably on a daily basis right now?

    i think we’re going to have to get nagging our respective partners for them to let us have a games afternoon again….I’m thinking of all the angles to make the scrabble board look like a good deal, but so far, no BINGO!

  2. btw they already published a coffee ‘benificios” of Costa rica coffee table book: how about doing the follow up: water tanks of costa rica

  3. Yeah, I agree about the game afternoon! Perhaps if we offered our respective partners alcohol earlier in the afternoon, and in larger quantities, then they’d be more apt to sign up for Game Day!

    And I had actually thought of a beneficio book, so I guess that the water tank book will have to do, since the former is already taken. OR, I could do a landslide-themed coffee table book!

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