Pictures Of The Day, March 12-15, 2010

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. These are the Pictures of the Day, but there are also leftovers, especially from our beach visit yesterday. One of the pictures even includes a police hut that was (possibly) destroyed by alligators!! Be sure to check out the leftovers and other pictures by following the links at the end of this post. In the meantime, enjoy these:

March 12th, 2010: While I was waiting for some Chinese food takeout, I stopped at the park in Palmares to take this picture. They’re remodeling the church’s towers, and it’s an interesting sight, especially at night.

March 13th, 2010: My sister Diana brought us a few really neat pillowcases from Morocco a year or two ago. We finally got little pillows to put them in. Here’s a close-up.

March 14th, 2010: A palm tree on Playa Bejuco on the central Pacific coast. It turned out kind of pretty. We went to the beach with Angela’s mom, her two sisters, and a selected crew of her sisters’ families.

March 15th, 2010: I love coffee, and I love my coffeemaker. Especially since it’s a gaudy green color, and especially since I got it for free over 10 years ago when I bought some Gevalia coffee. It’s still serving me tasty coffee about twice a day, after all these years.

So, hope you enjoyed these, but if not, check out the links directly below, and maybe there’ll be something there you’ll like! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Pictures Of The Day, March 12-15, 2010

  1. great pictures.

    hmmm. you have me thinking abour the coffee though – you sure you haven;t been “borrowing” some from the office to maintain that expensive twice-a-day addiction???….

  2. I’m literally surrounded by coffee, so I don’t need to “borrow” it from the office…
    I have been stealing lots of coffee from there, though.

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