Pictures of the Day: January 30 – February 6, 2011

I’m actually not too far behind at this moment! Here are the Pictures of the Day from the past week:

January 30th: Hannah and Stefanie. We went to Sofie and Thijs’ house for coffee, and so did Juan and Paola. It was a nice afternoon.

January 31st: This is from a series of pictures I took for our weekly Picture Project.
f/22, 1/13 sec., ISO 1600 (should have set it lower, but oh well).
The Picture Project theme this week was Exposure, with a bit of depth of field thrown in for fun. In this picture, I tried to show “good”/proper exposure (although it is a little dark).

February 1st: Our friends Brad and Shani recently had a baby, so I decided to break out the famous “Brad Shirt” in honor of them. Good work!
The Brad Shirt itself has seen better days. Josh also has –or at least had– a matching one because he and I made them in Hannover around 12 years ago. We happened to have a senior picture of Brad with us when we passed by a T-shirt store, and the rest is history. I believe that Josh and I premiered our shirts in Budapest, to Brad’s surprise. I believe he said something like, “That’s kind of morbid.”
In any case, congrats to the new parents!

February 2nd: From the company in Cañas, where I teach my Wednesday evening class. I liked the nice industrial feel to the sunset.

February 3rd: Scenes from work: Oscar and a student.

February 4th: At a hotel in Brasilito, where I teach a class on Friday evenings. Angela went with me this week, so that was nice.

February 5th: A girl digging on the beach at Playa Conchal. We spent a few hours there since it’s about a 10-minute walk from Brasilito.

February 6th: An orchid in our living room. Silhouetted in the sunset, it sort of looked like some kind of strange moth or bird.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and checking out the pictures, and have a great week!
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