Pictures of the Day, February 5 and 6, 2010

We’re a bit behind on the Pictures of the Day, so let’s get caught up. Remember, there’s an election here in Costa Rica tomorrow, so this will round off the pre-election theme from earlier this week. Here is the February 6th Picture of the Day:

Today’s Picture of the Day is definitely a political one, and it’s my endorsement. I think Ottón Solís would be the best option for Costa Rica’s next president. He seems to have a good, clear plan of where he wants to take the country, and I agree with his plan.
But I’m not a citizen and I can’t vote, so it sucks to be me.

Here is yesterday’s Picture of the Day, followed by some interesting leftovers from today and yesterday:

Picture of the Day for February 5, 2010: This is a flag representing the Movimiento Libertario party, whose candidate is named Otto Guevara. He attracted a lot of attention earlier in the campaign, but his popularity has waned. He seems to be what the Americans would call “a slick asshole.” And the haircut doesn’t help that reputation.

Here are a few more pictures that I’ve liked in the last two days:

A picture of a bag of “Choco Blast,” featuring “Honey Monster,” my favorite cereal in Costa Rica. It’s basically a Coco Puffs knockoff, and the best cereal featuring a monster as its mascot.

Angela and Chubby, Mother and Cat. He’s distracted because he was in the middle of a lizard hunt. He finally caught his first one, so we were proud of him until he threw up on the back patio. Some cats just can’t hold their lizard.

Here’s a poster from Otto Guevara’s campaign. He’s not to be confused with Ottón Solís, whose first name is pretty similar. Guevara represents the “Libertarian Movement” party. He’s the guy on the left above, and the guy next to him is a local nominee for Congressional Deputy (Alajuela is the name of the province we live in). Otto Guevara seems to have lost a lot of steam in his campaign, once most of his ideas were exposed to be a bit crazy or radical. His hair is still nice, though. That should still garner him a good 15% of the total vote.

I actually like this better than the Picture of the Day, since it’s so bizarre. But I made it my goal to get election-related Pictures of the Day this week…
In any case, this busy scene was on the back of a truck carrying a carnival ride (the Palmares Festival is still being slowly packed up). It’s such a weird mixture of symbols, but the Sad Jesus Head –plus the lightning symbol above and the indecipherable hieroglyphs below it– make this picture a true keeper! Plus, it’s got the red and yellow colors of the PAC, so it’s almost a political picture…

Last day before the election: A house on the main road into Palmares is definitely pulling for Ottón Solís. He’s the candidate for the PAC party, whose yellow and red flags were Picture of the Day on February 1.

Finally, this is a popular drink here called “chan.” It’s made by soaking little seeds that look like linseed in water. They then get a sort of gooey covering around them, but are still crunchy. You then mix it up with sweetened water (I think), and you’ve got a drink that’s slightly fruity and a bit cinnamon-y. In the end, though, when you sip it through a straw, it looks eerily like the frog eggs we found the other day! Disgustingly good!

So, that’s it for today. I’ll try to find some interesting pictures related to tomorrow’s election, but hopefully not too interesting. When elections get too interesting in Central America, there tends to be coups and invasions by the American military.

Thanks for reading, and have a good one!

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2 thoughts on “Pictures of the Day, February 5 and 6, 2010

  1. Ryan- Chan IS linseed–and people in the U.S. know it in another form, by its Guatemalan name: chia–as in the popularly ridiculous Chia Pet!
    LOVE your blog! Christa Balderson turned me on to it! (You and I met at their apartment two–or three?–years ago.) I’m the one with la esposa nicoyana.
    Bob Roy, Longmont
    P.S. You can find me among Christa’s friends on facebook.

  2. Hi Bob!

    Yep, I remember you, and thanks for the chan confirmation. Is that the same as linaza, then?

    I’m glad that you like and are following the blog! I’ll try to find you on Facebook, although if I’m slow, you can also find me among Christa’s friends…

    Take care,

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