Pictures of the Day: August 4-8, 2010

Hi! I’ve got some Pictures of the Day from the last couple of (really rainy) days:

August 4th: And another one bites the dust. This tree was dangerously close to the side of the lot, and we were thinking it was just about to slide down and take a significant chunk of land with it. So, my brother-in-law Arnoldo cut it down for us.

August 5th: This is a beaded bird thingy that I have in my office. One of my students gave it to me a few years ago when I was teaching fourth grade… actually, now that I think about it, I think she sold it to me as some sort of fundraiser thing.

In any case, I’m having a difficult time with one of my current classes (the group is nice, but the logistics are a pain in the butt). Looking at this bird thing reminded me of two things:
1. You’ve got to recognize that most students are good on their own, even if things get frustrating when they’re grouped.
2. They’re still MUCH more tolerable than fourth graders!

August 6th: Some books on my “to read” shelf. Actually, all of my bookshelves are “to read” shelves, since once I finish reading a book, I try to schlep it up to Colorado as quickly as possible to avoid it getting mold.

August 7th: It’s the rainy season. Kind of dull.
This is at work, where the rain was speedily sliding and dripping down the chain link fence. It actually looked kind of pretty, until I remembered that it’d look like that until November or so…

August 8th: There are quite a few things Costa Rica gets wrong, but plastic bags are one thing it gets right. They’re strong and almost fashionable with their white and colored stripes.

Don’t worry, though: I won’t get all “American Beauty” on you and proclaim that it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever photographed.

So, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and have a good one!
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  1. man, plainly you don’t plastic bag shop in PALI!

    …and you DO mean, i think Colorado via Palmares????…

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