Pictures of the Day, August 19-24, 2010

I’ve been putting these up on flickr (and a few on Facebook), but here are my favorite pictures I’ve taken the last few days:

August 19th: An office building near where I teach a class in San Jose. It was raining, so I had to take the picture from my car (Because of traffic, I either get to class around an hour early or about 5 minutes late… I prefer early, so I just hang out in my car and wait till 5, like some kinda creep).

August 20th: A praying lady at a church in Cañas, in Guanacaste. I like this picture a lot. I had to go to Cañas with Lucy and Oskar to do some placement test interviews, but we got there early and had some time to kill, so we decided to check out the church.

August 21st: Angela made this funny dinner/breakfast for me, consisting of rice and beans, a salad, and a little egg chicken figurine. She called “arroz con pollito.” I love my wife!

August 22nd: Today was a big day for my “to-do inside” list. Mostly, it involved hanging stuff with the drill, including some smoke alarms.

August 23rd: Today was a day for the outside “to-do” list, including moving lots of rocks and re-doing a border around the house sidewalks.

August 24th: A very, very small little frog that Angela found on our back patio. I’ve included a few pictures with it next to a peanut, a universal reference and comparative measurement for “something small.”
Wow, looking at this, it doesn’t look real. It is! It’s just a ridiculously small frog!

So, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
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5 thoughts on “Pictures of the Day, August 19-24, 2010

  1. you’ve excelled yourself this time sitzman! MOST excellent photos.

    love the building shot. most unexpected in costa rica, no?

    and I really like the praying lady. best of all was the stealth with which it was taken, you pretending to pray, genuflection and all. most impressive sneakiness.

  2. Love the frog! And the other photos are nearly as nice. As I don’t do any more breakfasts I envy you even more,

  3. Your wife awesome! I think I love her! That must’ve taken a whole afternoon! She must like you or something…

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