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Things here have been pretty busy lately, but I’ve complied a few random strange things to pass on to you, my dear readers. Hope you enjoy!

You may recall from a posting back in August (yeah, right!) that we had some “German” house-guests, Tessa and Peter. Well, at that time, I posted a picture that Tessa had taken of the toilet paper roll in our bathroom, and I said that I thought it was awesome, and that I’d copy it one day. Not ringing a bell? OK, check it out here. In any case, I finally feel confident that modern science (and my photographic skills) have developed to the point where I can sufficiently rip off her idea. The result is the picture above, which I took. Hope you likey.

What else is new, you ask? Well, our niece Adriana got engaged to Jeffrey, her boyfriend of five years. Actually, I’m not sure if that number is true, but it looks good in print. In any case, Jeffrey recently got a new car, and since he often visits Adriana next door to Angela and I, he parks his car in our driveway. This is his license plate cover (which came with the car). It’s pretty pimped out for a Hyundai Excel.

In other news, Angela and her niece Mariela recently managed to glue their fingers together. I’m not even sure how, but I think it had to do with painting nails.

And finally, just in time for Father’s Day, which they’re talking about a lot here these days, we have this lovely new product: Papas Papi Crac. (Ryan’s mind talking like a robot: **Sarcasm and Bullshit Overload! Papa + Papi + Crac + Tostadas = too many possible solutions for snarky comment about Puppies and Cracks and Fathers! Does not compute! Systems smoking and shutting down! aqewycxiouhfui1asdc7862shkfn ERROR!! [explosion])

This was a bug on the front tire of Jeffrey’s aforementioned car. It kind of swayed back and forth and danced on its long legs. Angela called it “Devil’s Mule” in Spanish, but she also said that a big flying bug that looked nothing like this was a “Devil’s Mule.” I’m starting to think these people will call anything a Devil’s Mule!

And finally, as you may know if you’ve been checking out the construction blog, things with the house are going pretty well. To see some new pictures and a slideshow, check out this link!
So, hope everyone’s doing well. I’ll check in later this week!

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