Picture of the Day, February 3, 2010: A Visit to the Playa

Yesterday Angela and I both had the day off, so we went to the beach. We chose Playa Bejuco, on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast. It was a great day, although I had major trouble finding a political picture. Because of that, I just decided to use this as Picture of the Day:

It’s a picture of some shadows that Angela and her niece Adriana traced in the sand. I just thought it looked cool.

Here are some more pictures from the day:

Angela and our niece Adriana. “Adri” is 25 years old, so she’s actually pretty close to our age, making her a good travel companion. I’ve not had nieces or nephews before (get to work, Di and Paul), but when I married Angela I gained about a dozen of them, with a wide variety of ages.

Here’s a shelter that we came across on the beach. One of the main reasons we chose Playa Bejuco is because it’s big, deserted, and right next to a road, so you can park your car right next to a little shelter and not have to traipse back and forth over the hot sand if you forget stuff. The one thing it doesn’t have, though, is public access to running water, so bring a jug with you to rinse off when you leave.

Angela and I. For comfort and style when at the beach, I prefer to use Speedo-style swimsuits, also preferred around the world by elite swimmers, Eurotrash, and pervos.

Angela and Adri making some of their shadow tracing creations.

On the way back home from the beach, we stopped at Playa Herradura (I wanted to take the short detour to see if they had any political signs related to the election, believe it or not). I’d never been there before, but it was a lovely little beach. It was certainly more developed, but there were more restaurants and hotels, and people in general. In my opinion, it’s nice that beaches like Herradura and the much-larger Jacó exist, to sort of keep development concentrated in certain areas, leaving places like Bejuco less-developed and more relaxing.

A boat in Playa Herradura. I liked this picture a lot, and almost made it Picture of the Day.

So, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day, February 3, 2010: A Visit to the Playa

  1. i{m glad you got to chill out after that full-on week last week!

    well the picture kinda looks like people celebrating when WE WIN!!!!(or alternatively, like people throwing themselves down prostrate with despair should we lose – quite the political ink blot afterall!!!)

  2. Yes!

    I think that there’s still a chance that Laura will still be exposed as the cyborg that she is, but we may have to wait till she gives a speech to her followers rallying on the eve of the election, and sparks start shooting out of her ears!

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