Picture of the Day Catch-Up: June 28-July 9, 2010

Well, I think I’m finally about caught up, at least until yesterday! I’m really pleased with some of these Pictures of the Day, so I hope you like them, too. Without further ado:

June 28th: These are some letter dice I occasionally use in my classes to play a “bootleg” version of the game Scattergories. It’s pretty fun and it gets students’ brains going. Until someone rolls an “X” or “Y”… those are like brain poison.

June 29th: The dial on our exercise bike. It’s a recumbent bike, which is great because it means you can comfortably watch TV, read books or magazines, or even play video games while “exercising.”

June 30th: This is a poster sort of thing that Angela and I had to design in our pre-marriage classes a few years ago. I have it hanging on my office wall. Note that they didn’t give us many materials to work with, but I still managed to find three squirrels.

July 1st: A cow’s nose. I saw it walking from our house to my in-laws’ house.

July 2nd: It was a pretty busy day. My family came on the 3rd and I had to teach classes all day, so on the 2nd I was planning. This is my desk, even AFTER I’d tried tidying it up a bit.

July 3rd: A “pipa,” which is basically a coconut that you can drink the watery milk out of. They’re tasty, especially on hot days. Plus, according to local folklore/witchcraft, they’re also supposedly a contraceptive (Note: HA HA!), so that’s an added curiosity.

July 4th: A pepper growing in Lucy and Wilson’s yard. It looks really spicy, but it was just like a strange-shaped bell pepper.

July 5th: The “Hotel Los Héroes,” a Swiss-themed hotel in La Fortuna, in the northern part of Costa Rica. We went there with my family.

July 6th: This picture cracks me up, especially since Angela’s got two aunts who used to be nuns. In any case, this is Angela wearing one of the disposable towels that they give you at Termales Del Bosque. We went there with my family.

July 7th: This is a picture of my sister Di’s hands, after Angela had given her a manicure. I think one of Angela’s dark, secret dreams is to run off to the US and become a filthy-rich manicurist.

July 8th: A sunset, as seen from the back corner of our yard. You can see some clouds, mountains, and even part of the Gulf of Nicoya. I really should go back to that part of the yard more often.

July 9th: Our new camera, which I got for Angela and myself as an anniversary present (our anniversary was July 7th). Her old camera was eating through batteries after only three or four pictures, and this one came highly recommended from Brad (plus I’d seen great results from Hayley’s camera!). So, I still have the old cameras, but I’ll likely take some pictures with this one, too, since it’s more portable.

Well, we’re caught up, at least until today ends! I’ll also probably try to post some extra pictures from the family visit, since that was a nice little photographic event. Until next time, please check out the links below if you want to see more pictures.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day Catch-Up: June 28-July 9, 2010

  1. 1. I will pay Angela in Real US American Dollars to be my filthy rich manicurist, though she does make a stunning sister of the cloth.

    2. Coconut water is all the rage these days at the Whole Foods across from my work building. CR = cutting edge.

    3. I miss you guys!

  2. We miss you too, Annie, and especially wish you could have petted Cucho one last time.

    You’re right about Angela being a hot nun, and also right about Costa Rica being the vanguard of all that is modern, new, progressive, and techno… nevermind, can’t type that without laughing so much I tremble.

    But you should buy that coconut water and re-package it as contraceptive juice. You’d make a killing.

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