Picture of the Day Catch-Up, July 12-19, 2010

I know you’ve all been anxious, but don’t worry, the wait is over! Here are my Pictures of the Day from the last week or so:

July 12th, 2010: Angela was making some pillowcases for some of our shabby pillows throughout the house. Angela’s quite an adept sewer. Sewer? That doesn’t seem right. I guess it’s “seamstress.” But what do you call a person who sews?

July 13th, 2010: Finally got the grill assembled! Thanks to my family for schlepping it down here during their visit!

July 14th, 2010: My class during a “fashion show.” I know it’s a Barbie kind of thing to do, but they were learning vocabulary for clothing items, as well as related description words. So, they got to wear some of our weird clothes for a fashion show.

July 15th, 2010: The new National Stadium in San José. It sort of officially marks Costa Rica’s abandonment of its old ally, Taiwan. See, Costa Rica used to recognize Taiwan as a country or whatever, and because of that Taiwan helped Costa Rica with a lot of development projects, including the “Costa Rica – Taiwan Friendship Bridge” (seriously, that’s its name… hopefully Taiwan is building an “Up Yours Costa Rica! Bridge” in Taipei).

Anyhow, a couple of years ago Costa Rica basically ditched Taiwan for China, because China offered us a handful of shitty police patrol cars, as well as a shiny new National Stadium. It’s pretty sad, really.

In any case, on Thursday evenings I teach a class right across the street from the stadium.

July 16th, 2010: My mug from Portugal. Nice trip, nice country, and nice mug.

July 17th, 2010: The stomach’s been feeling a bit weird lately, and the generic Pepto just isn’t working.

July 18th, 2010: Finally, we got to try out out new BBQ with some steak-like things from the supermarket! It was great! The only odd thing is the charcoal in Costa Rica. I had imagined they’d have briquettes, but it turns out that it’s definitely wood charcoal. When it comes out of the bag, you can see the wood grains, and sometimes even nails!

It doesn’t stay lit very well or long, but I may not be starting it right. I may have to search out some “normal” briquettes… Still, lunch was great!

July 19th, 2010: Mmmm, pistachios. It’s strange, but they are in the category of foods that I’ve gone from hating to really liking overnight. That also includes papaya, cilantro, and tomatoes.

So, that’s all for now. Be sure to check out the Leftovers. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Picture of the Day Catch-Up, July 12-19, 2010

  1. great pics! can i nick the En3 one for the CCCN palmares facebook page?? it looks suitably mortifying for our students! if you have any other similar pics, please pass them on!

  2. Would “tailor” work?

    What exactly is a “steak-like thing from the supermarket”? Fillet of mystery fauna? I think I’m frightened…and I think I know why the Pepto doesn’t cut it lately. 😉

    Are pistachios a local crop there? Yum!

  3. Hey AnnaLisa!

    Well, I guess it’s a steak, but it’s thinner and pre-marinated. It is from a cow, at least theoretically. We’ve had some very back luck with meat here, and it seems that it’s either nasty or expensive or both, but this packaged stuff is good. Possibly it’s because it’s a brand name, so someone is kind of accountable.

    I don’t think pistachios are a local crop, but what do I know? I know that a half-pound bag cost about 10 dollars, though, so I’m thinking they’re from somewhere else. Or else our supermarket is hosing us. In any case, we hardly ever buy them, so it seemed appropriate to celebrate the event by making it a Picture of the Day.

  4. I also hated pistachios up until Sam bought some recently.

    The above picture of Chubby is SO freaking hilarious!

    I’m also very sorry to hear about Cucho. It was actually tough reading your entry about him a few days ago, but I felt like I should since he was our friend too. Sam and I will really miss him.


  5. Hey Deuce!

    Thanks for the comments, and thanks for caring about Cucho.

    I’ll hope to chat with you sometime to hear how your trip went!


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