Picture of the Day Catch-Up: February 9-13, 2010

I’ve gotten behind in posting the Pictures of the Day this past week, since Angela and I headed down to San Vito in the south of the country for a few days. So, here we can get caught up a bit:

February 9, 2010: This was the Picture of the Day, and also the only picture I took, I believe. I was packing my bags to get ready for our trip to visit Yeison in San Vito the next day. I like this backpack, by the way. I got it from Chris Hunter sometime in high school, and it’s survived a lot (including two years of sarcastic German comments).

February 10, 2010: This is the Picture of the Day, although I’m not sure how interesting it is. Yeison took us to the Wilson Botanical Gardens in San Vito. Here are some more pictures from the day:

Yeison Lara, in all his glory.

Yeison and Angela.

An amapola flower at the botanical gardens.

Some palm trees.

A cross in the cemetery in San Vito.
February 11, 2010: Costa Rica Picture of the Day. I took two pictures of the day for the 11th, since we also went to Panama. This is actually the border between Costa Rica and Panama at the town of Rio Sereno, taken from the Costa Rican side. You can tell the Costa Rican side because it’s the one with terrible roads. This border crossing is a lot quieter than the one in Paso Canoas, which we used to come back into Costa Rica. FYI, if you ever use the Rio Sereno border –which you probably won’t– the Costa Rican official is an enormous asshole.

February 11, 2010: Panama Picture of the Day. We went into Panama with Yeison for a day trip, and it was very nice. We visited a few little towns in the mountains (which looked strangely like Austria or Switzerland) and enjoyed some delicious pizza. A nice little excursion.

Some of the mountains in Panama.

This was taken on the Panamanian side of the Paso Canoas border, which is a much more heavily-developed crossing on the Interamericana highway. Everything in Panama is a lot cheaper than in Costa Rica, so there are tons of shops just over the border to attract the Ticos.

Back in San Vito in Costa Rica, at a cafe. Yeison and his family were great hosts, so thanks again to them!

February 12, 2010: It was a long day, and there wasn’t much time left to come up with a Picture of the Day since I had to do lesson planning for the following day. It happened to be my brother Paul’s birthday, along with Dario’s and Zombie Abraham Lincoln’s. Why zombie? Because if he’s reading this, he’s obviously a zombie, and he must be stopped.

February 13, 2010: This was also a long day with little of interest going on. This is a mural that these two artists started painting at the school where I work.

So, that’s it for now, and we’re officially caught up! Have a great day, and thanks for reading, and if you feel like seeing more pictures from the last few days, you can click on any of the links directly below and see more:

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