Picture of the Day Catch-Up: February 28 – March 3, 2010

Here are the Pictures of the Day for the last four days. There are also Leftovers, as well as some great pictures on the SeeVida link below. Be sure to check them both out! In the meantime, enjoy these:

February 28th: Angela peeling off some sort of gunk mask she put on her face, which helps her to remain forever young. I just use old coffee grounds on my face, personally. That’s how I keep my Grizzled Old Man Look so fresh, although I’m only 29.

March 1st: In keeping with my idea of getting more pictures of different people doing stuff, here’s our niece Adriana paying a visit to our house.

March 2nd: On this day I made flor de itabo for lunch. If you want to see how to cook it, I wrote about it once, and you can read about it by following this link. Just so you know, the main problem is finding flor de itabo.

March 3rd: This is the door to a large nightclub in San José. By the way, in Spanish –at least in Costa Rica– a “nightclub” is what English speakers know as a “strip club.” Good to know. Two quite different types of dancing.
In any case, I had to go to San José (aka “Chepe”) today for a work inservice day. On the way home, we were stuck in traffic on the highway, and I took this picture from the car (Don’t worry, Lucy was driving… I don’t take pictures while behind the wheel).
I chose it for picture of the day because of the interesting colors and lines, plus it gave me the opportunity to present the False Cognate Fun Fact of the Day.

Well, that’s it for now. Hope there was something you liked there. Until next time, thanks for reading, and take care!

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