Picture of the Day Catch-Up: December 27-31, 2009

Well, it’s certainly been a busy couple of weeks since I’ve posted the latest Pictures of the Day. I’ll try to do them 5 at a time or so until I get caught up, but there was a lot of backlog, especially from December 29th, when we went to the Denver Art Museum. I took a buttload of pictures that day, so you should check them out on my flickr Leftovers page. I think they’re pretty neat, at least.

Anyhow, without further ado, here are the Pictures of the Day that I took between December 27th and 31st:

December 27th: This is a lampshade in the room where we stay when we visit my folks. I basically just liked the colors (As this project continues, I think that we’ll find that this justification for choosing a Picture of the Day will be used more and more…).

December 28th: A Skeleton magnet that Angela and I gave to Dustin and Sam after visiting Mexico. It’s now on their fridge. It’s also got a name, but it’s too late to look it up.

December 29th: There were a number of incredible works of art and sights at the Denver Art Museum, and I may even put up some more pictures in a separate post, but you can also check them out on my flickr page. Ironically, though, the picture I liked the best is this one of a ton of scotch whiskey bottles in Pint’s Pub, where we went after visiting the museum.

December 30th: This is admittedly a pretty weak-sauce picture for Picture of the Day, but it was a bit of a slow day. Do you know what a “Lifestyle Mall” is? If not, then God bless you, my child. They’re basically malls, but outside. So that means that instead of walking from store to store, you can drive from store to store in the same mall. And when it’s hot as balls in the summer, you don’t have to tolerate all that Air Conditioning that conventional malls had (the only good thing about them, it seemed). And when it’s cold as balls in the winter, and you want to go from store to store, you have to go outside in the cold and possibly even rain, sleet, or snow.

I don’t know what dipshit invented Lifestyle Malls, but I want to have a word with him, face-to-face and fist-to-nuts.

Anyhow, Angela and I ended up at a new Lifestyle Mall in Denver after visiting my aunt and uncle’s family. Most stores were still vacant, which made the normally alienating experience of visiting a mall even more surreal and hateful.

December 31st: This may seem like a strange picture to choose as the final Picture of the Day for 2009, but it’s a good one, in my opinion. What was 2009, really, if not those two chicken wings sitting around on the platter at the end of a celebratory meal? You know the wings I’m talking about: The ones that everyone is eyeing and secretly wanting to eat, but everybody’s a bit too bashful and possibly too full to actually just grab and devour them.

Basically, these wings are the economic crisis.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the December Pictures of the Day. I’ve been taking them in January, and will hopefully continue to do so until December 1, 2010. As I’ve noted before, there may be a delay in the posting, but I’ll try to get them up as soon as I can.

And as always, thanks so much to everyone who reads this blog, and especially to those who pass on their encouragement. Let’s hope 2010 is full of great pictures!

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3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day Catch-Up: December 27-31, 2009

  1. I like the scotch bottles, too. I’m no aesthetic whiz, but…there’s something about their not-quite consistent repetition and not-quite shape symmetry that’s appealing. Plus, scotch(es?) is (are?) (a?) pretty color(s?).

    On Lifestyle Malls–that’s the first I’ve heard that name for them. They’re getting popular here, too. I met some friends in a new one near the beach this past weekend. It was unqualified TORTURE to cross the parking lot from the restaurant to the book store in the damp, frigid 25mph wind blowing that day. If you ever meet that guy, give him an extra fist for me.

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