Picture of the Day Big Catch-Up: March 26 – April 5

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Picture of the Day update to the blog. I’ve been uploading them to Flickr more often and efficiently, and there are also quite a few interesting Leftovers, so be sure to check there occasionally. In any case, here we go with the ones from the last week or so. I messed up while uploading them, so they’re chronologically backwards, but oh well. Just pretend you’re watching Memento. Enjoy!

April 5th: I just took this about 5 minutes ago in the kitchen, realizing it was 11:00 PM and I still had no Picture of the Day. Eventually, I’ll run out of crap in my kitchen to take pictures of, but that day’s not come yet. When it does, I’ll find things in the bathroom. I hear the bidet looks sublime when bathed in the unique, frantic light of 11:45 PM.

April 4th: Today was my sister-in-law Toni’s birthday. This is a bag that Angela gave her her present in.

April 3rd: My father-in-law Honorio watering the posts in the fence he and I put up in the morning. The fence-posts are caña india, a type of cane used often in fences. Honorio looks angry, but I think he just didn’t know I was taking a picture. He’s actually very jovial guy, in any case.

April 2nd: I didn’t have much time for pictures because I was painting this day, but this one came out OK, I guess. I like how the flash created a sort of eerie blue glow on the plant.

April 1st: This is a wall in the Formerly Crappy Casita. At one point, it used to be a complete picture that someone drew of “Toro,” the guy who laid the ceramic tiles in our house. But when we made some modifications to the Crappy Casita, some of the planks got moved around, and the drawing was scattered.
And I have no idea why the person wrote “cheese” next to Toro’s head, but he also spelled “ceramic” –as in ceramic tile– wrong, I believe.

March 31st: There’s nothing quite as iconic as a girl and her frog. This is Hannah, Paola and Juan’s daughter. We went to their house for a delicious dinner. She was subject of a Picture of the Day a few months ago, but at least this time she (barely) stopped moving for a moment to allow me to get a sharper picture. Very cute girl, though!

March 30th: I know that I had a similar picture to this one as a leftover on March 21st, but I really liked the way it looked, so I recreated it with a bit more sexiness this time. And MAN, that coffee looks freaking delicious right now!

March 29th: A delicious mango I had after lunch. I know I had a mango picture up the other day, but when they’re this delicious and photogenic, I can’t resist. Plus, there’s something aesthetically appealing about making a piece of fruit unnaturally conform to geometric patterns.

March 28th: Part of a traditionally-painted Costa Rican yoke.

March 27th: A plantain on a chair. You got a problem with that?
I was taking pictures of the entryway at Angela’s folks’ house, but this turned out to look more interesting.

March 26th: I had to paint the top rail on our gate. It took a LOT longer than it should have. Lousy greasy, acrobatic painting.

So, that’s it for now. Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day Big Catch-Up: March 26 – April 5

  1. At first glance I thought that plantain was a lizard curled up on the chair. Ha!

    At the risk of sounding like a blithering idiot, I’m going to ask a potentially ridiculous question. is you FIL watering the fence posts just to settle the freshly-dug ground around them, or is it something more interesting, like maybe that type of cane will actually take root and make a living fence?

  2. AnnaLisa-

    Both, actually! It’s been dry here for the last four months or so, so it needs water to settle a bit, but eventually the cane will probably “take,” and start sprouting stuff (like leaves, I reckon).

    At first, I couldn’t believe that, personally, until my FIL cut off a fig tree branch and put it in our lot. Sure enough, this bare post now has branches and is a little tree.

    I have a theory about what would happen if you planted a broomstick, but it’s a bit Fantasiaesque.

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