Photo Scavenger Hunt

Lucy recently told me about a photo scavenger hunt that a person apparently named “Hareton” is putting on, so I decided to take part. I had to find 25 items in a week or so, and here are my results. It was just a fun little thing:

1 – Arrow: At the entrance to the school where we work. I just realized it, but this arrow is basically pointless (no pun intended), since it doesn’t really direct to anything, and there’s really only one way you can go when you enter the grounds.

2 – Crushed: A miniature pringles can in the gymnasium.

3 – Duct Tape: An old breaker box or something like that, held together by duct tape that has seen better days.

4 – Hole: The only problem with taking a picture of a pothole in Costa Rica is choosing which pothole. Once you think you’ve gotten a winner, you always come across an even bigger one, but since it’s on the highway, you can’t just stop to take a picture.

5 – My State: The Colorado flag I proudly have hanging in my office. I liked it ever since I noticed it’s sort of like a candle. (Oh, and I technically live in the province of Alajuela now, but I wouldn’t really consider myself an Alajuelense).

6 – Money: The Costa Rican 10,000 Colones bill –worth around 20 dollars– featuring a cat suspiciously similar to Cucho.

7 – Contrast: A new bird of paradise flower on the left overshadows a dried out, dead one.

8 – Western: Well, it is a western-looking photograph, can’t argue with that. The hard thing was getting the broken compass to work.

9 – Nothing: This was taken at noon the other day. Not much going on in our backyard.

10 – Vending Machine: I knew this picture was going to be a big challenge when I realized that Costa Rica doesn’t have vending machines… anywhere! But then on that same foggy day as #9, this truck slowly rolled down the street blasting an advertising message over the barely-visible loudspeakers mounted on its hood. So, technically it’s trying to sell something, so I reckon that’s close enough to be a vending machine.

11 – Missing: This empty pole is where a stop sign should be (and probably once was) on a street in San Jose. Evidently there’s a market for stolen stop signs. I had to go to San Jose on Thursday to teach a class.

12 – Four: Outside classroom number cuatro at the school where we teach.

13 – Old-Fashioned: An old-style hat that my friend Dustin gave me. I’m sure this style probably has a name, but I just call it “The type of hat where I should probably yell ‘EXTRA! EXTRA!’ while wearing it.”

14 – Laundry: Angela and I really ought to get a supplementary laundry basket, or a different system. The one in our bathroom is always overflowing into the bathtub.

15 – Weapon: This was one of the easiest items to find, since I’m not the only person who keeps a couple of machetes in his office.

16 – The Letter “A”: The letter A did me a solid (or a solido) by appearing on this fire extinguisher.

17 – Puff: I’m pretty sure that you can refer to a “puff of steam.” At least I hope you can, since this picture is based on that premise.

18 – Red: The other evening the power went out for a few hours, and when I saw my reflection in the mirror, I knew I had my “red” picture.

19 – Palm: Palm trees at work.

20 – Water Tower: Most houses have these tanks on their roofs to have a backup when the water gets shut off.

21 – Game: Two, in fact. These are our knock-off versions of “Othello” and “Trivial Pursuit.”

22 – Wrong: Actually, now I’m not so certain. I thought that “estrategia” was spelled with an “s,” not an “x,” but now according to an internet search, “extrategia” may also be a word. But, it’s just wrong that I can often notice other people’s spelling errors in Spanish (usually having to do with s/c/z, and v/b). Shouldn’t happen.

23 – Ownership: And the owner says, “Stay the hell out!”

24 – Label: A label detailing the contents of a book of posters, which we use for our lessons.

25 – Toy: I brought this Frisbee to Costa Rica with the intention of taking it to the beach, but in the couple dozen times we’ve gone since I brought it, I have not remembered it a single time.

So, that’s it for the Photo Scavenger Hunt, but if you check out Hareton’s blog’s comments, you can see links to other participants’ pictures. It’s pretty cool!

I’ll also put up Pictures of the Day as soon as possible, but thanks for reading in the meantime!

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4 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. most excellent and all round noice!!!

    some eerie similarities to what i have taken myself…. now i have to change some shots so you wonñt think i{m a copycat =( . the deadline is tomorrow and i{m my usual tradition, i’m waiting til the last minute to meet it…..

    one thing – you have 2 GAMES and no TOY. but i guess the frisbee could be a TOY?

  2. you made this scavenger hunt an international adventure! thanks for joining in on the fun.

    like “duct tape”, and “weapon”, as it is often helpful to have a cutless around.

    I could appreciate “ownership” and “missing”.

    well done on your creativity.

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