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Just yesterday my brother Paul (the guy on the right in the picture above) put up a list of his favorite albums of 2008 on his blog. It’s good stuff, and you should check it out. For one thing, the formatting of his post is breathtakingly beautiful. He even name-dropped my amazon site, which has actually been doing pretty well (thanks to the people who have been using it!). On that site, I also created a few pages where you can either buy Paul’s albums of the year, or just download the MP3 versions. I’ve had very good luck with Amazon’s MP3 downloads; they’re cheaper than the itunes store’s, and they’re also more compatible with other players. Plus, you can get them from Costa Rica, unlike itunes songs. And for an example of prices, the whole albums by Beck and Death Cab For Cutie are only $5.00 each as MP3 downloads. So, check it out.

Also, I would post my own top 10 of 2008 list, but I’m almost sure the only music I listened to in 2008 that was actually from 2008 was Guns N’ Roses’ new album. It was a slow year for me, music-wise. So, I’ll let Paul take it away.

Good work, brother-man.

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