Nicaragua: Introduction

These next few entries on my blog will be about a recent trip that I took to Nicaragua. I also obviously got married since I went there, and I intend to write and post some pictures about that, too. But since I went to Nicaragua first and began writing these entries first, I’ll post them first. They’ll be divided into a few entries, so that you don’t get as bored.
In any case, I went to Nicaragua with the purpose of renewing my Costa Rican tourist visa, which stipulates that I can only stay in the country for 90 days at a time; after that, I need to leave the country for 72 hours before returning again. Many foreigners living in Costa Rica without permanent residency have to do the same thing, and Nicaragua is a popular destination when leaving the country, since it’s a bit closer than Panama, and significantly cheaper.
When I got to Nicaragua, though, my trip slowly developed into something much more than an ordinary vacation, and it is still affected me for a long time, not only mentally, but also physically (ugh). Hopefully the impact of this trip on me will become apparent as you read these next few blogs. I hope that it will be at least a bit eye-opening, and hopefully you will enjoy it, as well. I very much hope that it won’t merely be a reflection of my deeply personal contemplation and therefore just an exercise in vanity or ego.
Maybe this doesn’t make any sense. But, if you have a bit of time, just read the entries, and maybe you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

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2 thoughts on “Nicaragua: Introduction

  1. Prof-
    WOW that is a lot of words to read. A lot of words. Thank god you had pictures.
    You might look into this little program. It will allow you to compose all of your blog posts offline, save them as you want them and then upload them when you can get on the internet. Slick, eh?

    Free. Easy to use. Works with Blogger.

    Keep up the good words.


  2. Sitz-man- that’s a lot of words. Thanks for a good story, with a bit of a moral. Hope you’re diggin on married life, can’t wait for the next blog installment.


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