New Website and Blog!

Hi there! Don’t let the title of this post confuse you. I’m still going to use Sitzblog for my personal stuff, but I started a new, additional blog and website. It’s called Your Dad’s Blog.

As you can maybe guess, the website is And as you can also probably guess from the image above, I’m planning on focusing mostly on things like parenting, cooking, travel, running, and hobbies—you know, dad stuff!

I’ve only written a handful of posts so far, but I’d be thrilled if you check it out. If you want a few posts I’d recommend starting with, here’s one about how I trained for and completed my first half marathon.

Or if you’re not into running, you can check out this one that includes an easy, kid-friendly recipe for making bar cookies. And if you want to get philosophical, here’s one about how I’ve been honing my lawnmowing technique lately.

If you’re keeping count, please tell me how many websites I currently have.

I’m just joking. It’s about 5 or 6, depending on how you count. After a brief, two-year hiatus to enjoy some family time, I’m now updating this site regularly, as well as Sitzman ABC and Your Dad’s Blog. I’m still working on some technical issues with Costa Rica Outsider, but I’m hoping to get that running again soon. Those are the main ones that I’m trying to keep up with.

As is the case with all my websites and blogs, though, they’re just side gigs that I do for fun. I don’t ask for anything in return, but if you’re interested in any of the links that are included in the posts or ads, please feel more than welcome to click on them. If you use my affiliate links to shop at Amazon, I get a small commission and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. It’s a small thing, but I’m very grateful for the gesture.

Anyhow, please check out Your Dad’s Blog and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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