New Address, Sort Of

Well, Angela and I have moved into our new house.
That actually doesn’t have anything to do with our new address, though, since no one actually relies on the postal service here to deliver letters. So as a result, our house “address” is actually just a description of where the house is. Translated, our possible address might be: “The intersection of the road to Berlin and the road to Llano Brenes.” But that’s just what you tell the taxi driver. Fortunately, it does get a bit more specific than that if you pay for a post office box, which is what we did.

We used to have a box in San Ramón, but we realized that we were never in San Ramón, especially during their limited postal hours. We also found out that there was a post office in Palmares, so we now have a box here. If you would like to send us a letter, then you are among the very few (thanks Grandma!). And if you indeed break through that letter writer’s block, you can send it to:

Ryan Sitzman y Angela Jimenez
Apartado Postal 32-4300
Palmares, Alajuela
Costa Rica

Happy writing!

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