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Wow, I can’t believe I’ve not written anything on this blog in over 9 months! Oh well, it’s been a busy 9 months.

I know the last post was about some new writing, and this one is, also. I’ve been writing a lot lately, just not here. I’ve recently started writing articles for a site called FluentU, which is a language-learning platform. They have software to learn different languages, along with some blogs to help support students’ learning. I’ve been writing for the English learner, the English educator, and the German learner blogs.

I’ve actually written quite a few articles, but it takes a while for them to get published. So far there’s only been this one published, which is about teaching conditionals to your English students. That may not be the kind of thing you need to know, but you’re still welcome to check it out, of course.

The second thing I’ve been writing for is a language learning school that my friend Jose’s family runs in Mexico. I’ve only written one article for them so far, but I liked it. It’s about 5 errors that you’re probably making when you speak English (if you’re a non-native English learner). Check that out, too, if you’d like.

I’ll be back soon with some book reviews. I’m way behind on this year’s Sitzbook book-a-week project, but I have been setting aside some quotes and thoughts about what I have read.

Speaking of reading, thanks for reading this, as well as the other stuff I’ve passed on!

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