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I’ve been uploading a lot of pictures from our trip to South America (I’m in Colorado now and it’s pretty cold, so there’s sometimes not much else to do). You can check out the newest ones on my flickr page, or you can also look at picture sets from the different places. Below I’ll put up some slideshows of some of the finished places. I’m still planning on writing more stories and observations about each of these places, but that’ll take more time. So for now, you can at least check out some pictures:
Additionally, I’ve uploaded all the Pictures of the Day from November, so you can check those out, too. At the start of December I officially completed two years of my Picture a Day project, which is pretty impressive, at least in my mind. I’ll write another post about that soon, but for now you can check out November (most of them were in South America, obviously):

So, that’s it for now. As I mentioned, I’ll write some more about these places soon, but we’re still visiting with family and friends, so it may take a while. Thanks for reading/looking, and have a great day!
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4 thoughts on “More and More Pictures

  1. nice pictures. I hope are enjoying the trip.
    perhaps we organize one or two parties at her house (to care)
    Ruben your neighbor

  2. @Ruben – Just don’t forget about the hidden cameras all throughout the house!

    @AnnaLisa – Thanks! I’m glad you like them!

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