Meat Loaf Monday: "Dead Ringer For Love"

Hello, and welcome once again to the highlight of everyone’s week, Meat Loaf Monday! Let’s get right into today’s song, “Dead Ringer For Love,” featuring Cher:
I normally don’t really like Cher at all (just something about that hair coupled with that voice), but I’ll definitely make an exception for this song. The video’s not half bad, either. Then again, it’s not half good, either, but it’s still a pretty decent way to start off the week.
Speaking of starts, the video starts off well, also. I love how Meat Loaf comes into the bar wearing a Meat Loaf shirt. Few singers could pull that off, with notable exceptions being David Lee Roth and probably Lady Gaga. As usual, Cher’s costume looks like something an alien would use as a disguise if it landed on Earth and quickly needed to look like an early-1980s hooker. But nevertheless, with a flick of Meat Loaf’s magical hair, that very T-shirt disappears, and it’s replaced with his signature swashbuckling shirt and a red scarf in his hand. This, in 2 seconds, is why Meat Loaf is great. 
The rest of the video is full of Meat Loaf’s elaborate hand gestures and Cher chewing gum with her mouth open. It’s also noteworthy that the bar patrons keep singing for another 30 seconds or so after Cher and Meat Loaf have already left, but that’s the power of Meat Loaf. The lyrics are pretty good, but nothing too amazing, considering some of the lyrics Jim Steinman’s come up with for other Meat Loaf songs. It’s weird this song doesn’t get more mention as a classic duet, along the lines of “Almost Paradise” or “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart,” but I guess it could have to do with the inherent manishness of Cher’s voice?
In any case, that’s about all I’ve got to say about this video. I hope you liked it, and I hope to see you again next week for another slice of Meat Loaf Monday!
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