Lots of Pictures!

Well! It’s taken quite a lot of time today, but I’ve finally caught up with my Pictures of the Day…well, up until June 23rd, at least.

Nevertheless, there are now many, many more pictures to look at, if you’re interested. I’ll eventually put the Pictures of the Day up on this blog, but if you want to see any of the other pictures from our trip, you can see them right now on flickr.

I know that some of you (myself included) have said that flickr is a bit confusing to use, but if you follow the links on this post, it shouldn’t be too confusing. When the new page opens, there should be a lot of little square icons. You can click on any of those to see that picture, or there is an option to see the set as a slideshow (near the top right… and you can turn the comments on and off, too; once the slideshow starts, click on the option that says “show info”). If that’s too confusing, tell me and I’ll try to work something different out. Good luck!

So, click on the links below to see pictures from:

Germany – Regensburg
Austria – Salzburg
Germany – (The Real) Berlin
Germany – Hannover and Neustadt am Rübenberge
Germany – Munich
Spain – Madrid
Portugal – Lisbon Area and Porto
(Note: these links are in the order we visited the places)

Complete Europe Trip Picture Set (Warning: It’s pretty large, and contains the same pictures as the above sets… only if you’ve got major time to kill or you don’t like the idea of seeing the pictures in smaller groupings, for whatever reason)

And, of course, you can see our pictures from the time we spent in Colorado:
U.S.A. – Colorado

So, thanks so much for your interest, and thank you for reading and checking out the pictures! Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Lots of Pictures!

  1. FLICKR is “a BIT confusing” I vote as the understatement of the year! and I a technology genius!

    bring on the photo of the daty(s), i say….

  2. Sitzy,

    thank you for the excellent pictures. They really bring me back to the days when Europe was our playground. You have brought a single tear to this old soldier’s eye.



  3. Hey buddy,

    I’m glad you liked the pictures. I was told to tell you that “Europe’s not the same without you.”
    And just a single tear, Lieutenant?

    So, when are we gonna set up the ganz gefährliche San Jose-San José Connection?


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