Last Picture For Now

Here is a guy trying to adjust a Virgin Mary on a float for the Día de San Ramón parade. Since I live in San Ramón, the day is a pretty big deal, so I got the day off of school. There was a large parade downtown with a procession of saints, each one being carried by representatives from different neighborhoods. It was pretty cool.
That´s all the pictures for now. It´s kind of a pain in the ass to get them up there, since I have to go to an internet café to do so. Eventually, there´ll be a Costa Rica picture page on, but that probably won´t be until I get home and am able to use my web design software and my own computer…

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3 thoughts on “Last Picture For Now

  1. YOU have web design software… What happened to you!?! You were so anti-technology! Anti-computer stuff!

  2. How the hell do you think came about? With crayons and construction paper? This shit´s high-tech!
    Also, I just hated cell phones because I felt that they were ruining the interpersonal communication skills of our generation. And I still do. But do recall that when we were dating, I owned two computers…

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