Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

So things have been going pretty well here, but they´ve also been kinda busy. As you may know, I went to Colorado for a week at the start of April to visit my family, and to avoid deportation from Costa Rica. It was a good time, but the old C-O actually had the gall to snow on me! Which just helped reinforce my decision to stay in Costa Rica.
For the people I got to see in Colorado, it was good to see you! For those who didn´t come to my little get-together on the Friday before I left, fear not: I have already found some friends to replace you. Granted, they are cheaply made foreign bootleg knock-offs, since this is the third(ish) world.
When I got back to Costa Rica, I also moved into an apartment. Angela and I were thinking about what we would do when we get married and moved in together in July. Basically, there wasn´t anywhere that we could move into together, since I had just a single room at Abuela’s, and there was no damn way I was going to spend the beginning of my married life together in a small bedroom in Angela’s parents’ house (as much as I like them). So, when Abuela heard about an apartment nearby that was available (as well as nice, safe, and cheap), we jumped on the opportunity, since things like that don´t come along too often.
For now, it´s just me living alone in the two bedroom apartment, and it´s really echo-y since it’s all in tile and I don´t have…anything, really. Apparently the apartments here don´t even come with appliances, so we´re kinda collecting them one by one (just like Pokémon!). I now have a (largely empty) fridge and a stove that I use to heat water for tea. Thank God I brought my coffeemaker! We´ve also acquired a mattress, but not a bed to put it on, so there is a kind of cool, Trainspotting-esque quality when looking at a bare room with only a mattress on the floor.
Tomorrow, I am possibly going to look at a TV that my taxi driver Mario is selling (or it might be his brother-in-law that´s selling it…and the TV may be a stereo). All of the situation with the Mario transaction is pretty confusing, since he talks so fucking fast. I´ve already discussed the matter with him three times on the phone, but still have no idea what in the hell he´s saying each time. If he picks me up in his taxi tomorrow and takes me to a dock on the coast to look at a used Laserdisc player, I wouldn´t be the least bit surprised.
Anyhow, like I said, I´m living alone there for the next few months, so who really cares if my home looks like a minimalist art exhibit? I do feel sad leaving Abuela, though, since she was always so great and sweet. Her quiet tear-jerker scene when I left the house will surely net her Oscar gold this year, too. But still, I only leave three blocks away, so I´ve visited her most every day so far, if only to see a happy face and hear some clearly-spoken Spanish.
So that´s what I´ve been up to lately.
You can send cards, money, or furniture to:
Ryan Sitzman
300 m al este de la entrada de Tres Marias Dos,
Apartamento 2.
San Ramón, Alajuela
Costa Rica
At least I think that might work. Who really knows? I´m kinda making it up as I go along, so I´m curious myself…

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