It’s In The Upper 70’s in Costa Rica Right Now…

Since the real purpose of a blog is to whine about what’s going on in your life, I’ll whine about the weather here. Here’s a picture of my poor car being consumed by snow yesterday morning. But now it’s out and the four wheel drive on the ol’ Boobaru is kicking some ass. Unfortunately, the two wheel drive on all our neighbors’ cars is kicking my ass, since I keep having to help dig out and push their cars to the main roads.
Whine whine whine. Oh well.
Stay inside and enjoy the weather from the comfort of your own home, if possible. And cancel the “mayday” from my previous posting–I got the tonic water and limes just fine.

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4 thoughts on “It’s In The Upper 70’s in Costa Rica Right Now…

  1. Hey man! Merry Christmas from Mauritania!
    It hasn’t been easy for me to explain snow to people who have never seen it before. Also, the word for ‘snow’ is the same as ‘ice cream’.
    Hope you have a fabulous time out in Colorado! It’s pretty balmy out here.

  2. Hey Prof –
    Maybe this will cheer you up:
    The Hooker Story According to Justin.

    Its not much to look at right now, but its up on the web. (Well its uploading right now, but soon, very very soon.)

    find it here:

    I never got an address for you either here in the states or back in your sunny Costa Rica. So your Xmas card is sitting here still.

  3. Well, be glad at least that you have vodka handy — were you stuck in my family’s house again, you’d have nothing but delicious baked goods, laughter and cable TV to love you and keep you warm. Thank you again for coming snowshoeing — my family adores you.

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