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Man, it’s been windy here for the last few days. I’ve never seen wind like this, and I’ve been to Wyoming!* In any case, the house where we’re staying now has a nailed-on roof (as opposed to a screwed-on one). For a few nights, the wind was lifting the tin panels into the air slightly (and taking some of the support beams with them). Every 20 seconds or so, the wind would let up a bit, causing the tin and the wood beams to slam down onto the rest of the roof. As you can imagine, this doesn’t make for sweet dreams, especially when the crashing is literally above your head, with a thin layer of wood ceiling protecting you…a thin layer of wood ceiling that is continually dropping dust, dirt particles, dead bugs, and other crap on your head while you’re trying to sleep…

Anyhow, the house where we live now belongs to Angela’s brother, and he repaired it very well, and it’s now pretty solid. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about the poor garage, which is getting screwed up more and more each day. They can’t repair it since the wind hasn’t let up enough to make it safe to get on the roof.

Fortunately, our new house was just fine, since it’s built with stronger, more wind-resistant techniques and materials. We did lose a few giant pine trees, though, but they were ugly and blocking our view of the gulf anyhow. And the rest of Berlín wasn’t so lucky, either. One house actually blew down yesterday. No one was living there, and since it was a seasonal house for coffee pickers, it probably wasn’t built very solidly, but still….shit, man.

So for all of you who may think that living in “paradise” is a fairy tale, well, you’re sometimes right. But this time, the story is “The Three Little Pigs,” evidently.

Well, that’s about the news for now. I’d have written more, but we also keep losing electricity, and it’s hard to motivate when everything going on around you just makes you want to crawl back into bed (or under your desk).
Hope everyone is doing well, and remember to hold on to something solid.
*One time when I went from Colorado to the Wyoming border with my friend Josh, we opened the car door to get out and take some pictures of the “Welcome to Wyoming” sign. An enormous burst of wind blew into the car and swept out a Burger King bag that had been in the back seat. Seconds later, I’m sure it pelted someone in Nebraska in a small explosion of nose-blood and ketchup packets.
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