I’m Housin’

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I am now living in an under-furnished apartment so that when Angela and I get married, we’ll have some place to stay that’s not…well, with her parents.
Anyhow, we’re also fixing to build a house, but it’s a long process. Especially because it’s a process that’s in Spanish. Even though my Spanish is getting to be pretty good, it’s hard not to be confused when looking at housing plans, especially when someone’s rattling off a flurry of a foreign language when you’re looking at them.
Plus, the architect’s office is actually just a corner of a local clothing store in Palmares. It kind of reminds me of Lionel Hutz, the lawyer on The Simpson’s who had an office at the mall (“I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm!”).
Anyhow, the house designer does good work, and things are kind of moving along. Sooner or later, we’ll break ground, and sooner or later, we’ll have a house. You can come visit then, if you want.

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