Well, it’s been about a week or two since I last checked in, but things here have been pretty busy. I started teaching a new class at work, and it’s going pretty well. Basically, it’s for guys with high technical skills and low levels of English; the former is what the company needs, but the latter is what prevents the company from hiring them outright. And when I say “guys,” I mean guys. My class is a total sausage fest, with 14 dudes and 0 women. My young charges have already begun to lament this situation, but what can I say? I guess hot Costa Rican chicks just don’t go in for Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Networking.

Also, the house has been progressing nicely, and I’ve begun planting some stuff in the perimeter of the property with the help of a rotating list of in-laws. You can check out the weekly photos at the link on the left.

In the next few days, I’m hoping this blog will be getting updates automatically. I’ve discovered that Blogger.com has a post-dating technique, where I can write something now and have it automatically post on the future date of my choice. With our already sparse internet access having become sparser due to the closing of the Berlín-Palmares street (they decided to pave it, which is great in theory, but a multiple-year process in practice), I will try to use this method to post things on multiple days, while only making one trip to the internet café.

In any case, I hope everyone’s well. I suppose I would know if you were well, IF you were to send us a postcard or a note to our post office box but, hey, I know it’s easy to forget that we still exist, being in the jungles and all.

So, have a good one, and take care.


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