Since Costa Rica is a tropical country, there are innumerable exotic fruits and vegetables that I’d not heard of when I got here, and only a few that I had. I really like mangoes and guayabas, I found out, and I’ve begun to get past the soapy taste of papaya and enjoy that, as well. But two of my favorite remain the granadilla and the guanabana. I decided to take a picture and pass them on to you, dear reader. Maybe they’ll entice you to come visit.
Now, photographing fruits and flowers and stuff like that isn’t my specialty. I guess I need a good macro lens, and I’ve not got that. The specialist is my friend Brad, and you can check out his stuff at . There´s even a new picture each day!
Anyhow, hope these get your mouth watering or your head scratching!

First of all, this is a granadilla. I just now realized that that’s it’s real name; I’d been saying “grenadilla” because it looks like a grenade. Plus, I’m a dumbass. Anyhow, it’s got a kind of hollow sound if you knock on it, but you can perforate it with your fingernail. If you do…

…you get this. It’s 10 times weirder inside. There are crunchy little seeds, somewhat like sunflower seeds in texture, only they don’t get stuck in your teeth for hours. But the seeds are surrounded by a sort of slime-filled membrane, which makes it seem like a packet of fish eggs or polliwogs or something similarly strange. Still, who cares? It’s delicious and fun to eat, so what does it matter if it looks like something from Alien?

And here is the mighty guanabana. It’s pronounced something like “wuan-ah-bon-ah.” I don’t know how to write crap phonetically. This particular one was about the size of a football, and in this picture that I took yesterday, I’ve already eaten half (And, incidentally, I learned a valuable lesson: RESPECT THE GUANABANA. You cannot, with impunity, expect to eat half a guanabana and be sitting pretty the next day, apparently). The texture of the outside is very soft, and it would make an excellent explosion if hurled, I’m sure. The inside is juicy as anything you’ve ever eaten, so it’s best to eat it with your hands and make a mess. It’s also very popular made into a drink. The flesh is sort of textured like a very flimsy pineapple, but with a kinda milky and otherwise very unique taste. The little black dots are seeds, about the size of a dime squashed on train tracks, but you can’t eat them. But all in all, it’s a very delicious what-have-you.
So, if I come across anything else tasty or interesting, I’ll pass on word to you, my friends.

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3 thoughts on “Fruity

  1. Hi Ryan! I’m not really commenting on the fruit, though I do like guanabana too and I especially like to say it (you did pretty good on the phonics).
    No, I’m writing to let you know that, even after all these years, when I read that David Hasselhoff’s autobiography is called Don’t Hassel the Hoff I thought of you first.
    Congratulations on getting married!
    Eliza (think Colorado dorm freshman year)

  2. Hey Eliza Langhans!
    Yeah, I definitely remember you…and your communist ways. Martha and I have pondered on various occasions what had become of you. According to Google, you’re a librarian in Massachusetts, or else an artist in Arlington. Who knows…
    Thanks for writing, but now I have no way of saying hi…I guess maybe you’ll check this blog again.
    Anyhow, if you read this, send an email!
    Take care,

  3. Damn you Ryan and your guanabana. We drank more guanabana milkshakes than we probably should have in monte verde. Oh so yummy. I have to be able to find one around here – we have half of latin america living in Denison. Their grocery stores have all sorts of crazy things in them.

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