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I’m visiting relatives in Denmark now. It’s a nice little stopover of calm on an otherwise very busy trip. I still have no idea what I’ll be doing in the future, though, so that causes occasional flare-ups of stress or concern.
I went to a beach in a place called Tisvildeleje yesterday. I’d have to say that it was hands-down the nicest beach I’ve ever been to. It was wide, long, and and had dunes and all that, and the sand was great. The water was only 20 degrees Celsius, but the sun was nice and warm, so it didn’t feel that cold. Mainly I just walked around a lot and finished reading a book. But when I was walking around, I stumbled on what was either officially or de-facto a nude beach. That’s the thing about nude beaches: they always sound so awesome to guys like me, but when you get there, it’s mainly just unattractive, overweight, burnt-to-a-crisp old people. But it was still a pretty deserted part of the beach, so I decided to find my own little corner and settle in to read and chill out. As the saying goes, “When in Rome, get nekkid.” It was strange at first, and in the end I got a pretty bad sunburn on my shoulders (which isn’t that bad, considering the alternatives). But it was worth it sitting on the beach, wang in the sun, watching the old uglies walk by. At that point, I didn’t worry what I was going to be doing in the future, because the present was pretty damn good. In my mind I paraphrased Andy’s brother Matt and thought, “I’m not to worried about it…I’ll be fine.”

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4 thoughts on “Free N’ Easy

  1. Damn, way to go. That sounds better than the half naked, half non-naked beach that I went to in Germany a couple years back. That’s when all the attractive people are still clothed and you still get the fat burnt-to-a-crisp old naked people. But either way, there was no way I was gonna let it all hang out there.

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