Family Fun Time

I´m in Costa Rica now. I got here a day or two ago, and was picked up by the Quesada Aguilar family. They are a mother and a father, plus three kids. The middle child, Valeria, will be in my sixth grade class, so I have been trying to not let them know my weaknesses (ie, snakes, LEGO Star Wars, etc). Today we went to a freaking volcano, of all places. It was really great…I was going to post a picture, but the capability to do so eludes me at this point. But rest assured it was cool and smelled like egg farts (it´s an active volcano). We then went to a zoo and saw all sorts of injured Costa Rican animals that had been rehabilitated or unable to be re-released into the wild.
So basically, things are going well here. In case you read my posting the other day about the guy who claimed to be a prophet, I wanted to add the crazy thing that he said that blew my mind. I could not decide whether it was freaking brilliant or just a crazy pile of shit. He said that there is no sin in being a thief, if that´s what you´re meant to do in life. He said that you are just stealing something that was never there in the first place, that never belonged to anyone, and that will no longer exist in the end, anyhow. He said God creates the theives, also.
Damn crazy people.
Anyhow, I am only staying with this wonderful family until tomorrow, when I move into my new place. I will try to keep this crap updated, but there won´t be internet at the new place, and I don´t know how often I´ll have access to it. But thanks for reading, still. Until then…

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