Don’t Do It, Elway! It’s A Dirty Raider Trick!

You may not know it from my present-day hatred of televised sports, but I actually used to like watching the Broncos quite a bit. John Elway was a hero for me (and probably for about 98% of the people on the Front Range in the 1990s).
Anyhow, imagine my surprise when I saw this article after signing out of my hotmail account one day. Apparently, John just got engaged to a former cheerleader from the Raiders.
Obviously, this is just a ploy to steal his Super Bowl rings and take them back to the evil “Raiders’ Lair,” deep inside the haunted, pirate-infested caves of Oakland, California.
At least no one can say I didn’t try to warn him.

(Photo Credit: Fox Sports on MSN)

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Do It, Elway! It’s A Dirty Raider Trick!

  1. I hear they melt down super bowl rings into a fine liquer and then drink them, thus turning their inside into solid gold and diamonds, making them almost completely immune to spicy buffalo wings and insults from the outside about how shitty their team is.

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