Concert Periscope

I chose this picture to examine a bit closer because first of all, I like it and second of all, it’s from Mexico. I took this picture–and many more, if you check out this link–in 2006. I went there with my brother Paul to visit my friend José. It was a great trip, and it sort of helped lead me to where I am today: in Costa Rica.

See, I visited José on a whim, because it was spring break and there were cheap tickets to Mexico City. After being there, I decided that I’d like to learn more Spanish. At the same time, José mentioned he was going to Argentina to visit our mutual exchange student friend Andrés, and I ended up tagging along on a great trip to South America. While there, I learned more Spanish, but I wanted to get even better, so I asked my friend Christa if she still had connections at a school in Costa Rica that she’d taught at. She did, I came here, and the rest is history.

In any case, this picture is from a free Manu Chao concert in the Zócalo in Mexico City. Many people were too short to see over the tall people, so some marketing genius was selling these homemade periscopes throughout the square. It’s not terribly amazing, but it’s still one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken, for some reason.

Also, Angela and I just bought tickets yesterday to go to Colorado over Christmas, and we’re going to make a stop in Mexico to go to my exchange-student friend Aurora’s wedding in Veracruz. The last time I stopped by Mexico, my life began to follow a remarkably different path, so who knows how this next week-long visit will change me and Angela. Perhaps a year from now we’ll be blogging from a military prison in North Korea, or volunteering at a food kitchen in Estonia…

I guess you never know.

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2 thoughts on “Concert Periscope

  1. Hi Ryan,

    sei vorsichtig!! Ich bin vor vielen Jahren für 1 Jahr nach Deutschland gefahren und nach
    37 Jahren bin ich immer noch hier…


  2. Ich weiss nicht, ob ich 37 Jahre einer solchen Burokratie aushalten kann! (Und hier rede ich von der Burokratie von Costa Rica, nicht Deutschland…aber das wäre auch ziemlich schlimm)

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