Some Photo Sets

I've not been blogging much here lately, but things have been busy. I have been taking pictures, though, and I wanted to share two sets. Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Colorado: And here are the July Pictures of the Day: As usual, you can check these out here, and you can click on any picture in the slideshow to see a larger version or get more information. You can also go directly to my flickr page if you want.Thanks for checking them out! Read more [...]

Save The Lyric Theater in Fort Collins, Colorado

I don't know if you live in Fort Collins, Colorado, or if you ever visit there, but there's a cool movie theater there called The Lyric that I really like. It's an independent theater so it's not connected to a huge national chain. That's good, in my opinion, but it means that they're short on cash to convert to digital projectors and new seats, which will be necessary for them to stay in business. They've started a Kickstarter campaign that you can check out if you're interested. They're trying Read more [...]

Marijuana, Medical and Otherwise

If this leaf gets you worked up, then you're probably not smoking it. (Image)I recently got an email from my friend Brian asking me if I was related to Shawn Sitzman. Brian had seen Shawn's name on a National Geographic channel show and wondered if the two of use were related, seeing as there aren't too many Sitzmans lurking about. I am related to Shawn Sitzman; he's my cousin. Here's the picture of him on National Geographic's site. The interesting thing, which I had no idea about, was that the Read more [...]

Slideshow from Colorado Trip

I was going to put up some individual pictures of our recent trip to Colorado. That's a bit of work, though. Since no one mentioned any problems with viewing the recent slideshows of Pictures of the Day from June and July, I just decided to put up another slideshow of Colorado pictures, from the beginning to the end. Feel free to check them out, and hopefully there's something interesting in there for you! Thanks for reading, and have a good day! Read more [...]