Flying And Traveling With A Baby

As you may have figured out if you checked the September Pictures of the Day in the last post, we went to Colorado at the beginning of last month. It was the first time that our baby had been out of the country...well, not counting the countries he visited while in the womb (which would be five, which is a pretty good showing for a fetus). As such, we weren't sure how things would go, but we were pleasantly surprised. A few people asked questions about the logistics before, during, and after Read more [...]

Pictures From Colorado Trip

As you may know, I took a trip to Colorado at the beginning of July. I also took 8 students, a wife, and a niece, so it took a lot of planning and organization (which is my lame attempt at excusing myself for not writing much in the past few months). In any case, I was taking pictures there, of course, so I thought I'd share some here. There are also 10 of my favorites in this post on Sitzman ABC. Below is a slideshow of the highlights, but you can also see more pictures in this set on flickr. Read more [...]