Can You Hear The Tippity-Tap Of A Typed April Fool’s Joke?

Well, I feel a little bad, since there were so many nice comments from everyone, but yesterday’s post about Angela being pregnant was just a little joke. Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. I did start it off with “Believe it or not,” though…

The other two posts–about the rain and Argentina getting its ass handed to it–were (sad but) true.

I also tricked some of my students with one of those “read and follow all the directions carefully” quizzes, where the final instruction out of 25 is something like “disregard all the other instructions and quietly watch your less-attentive classmates go crazy.”

I’m not sure if this is as good as the time when I was in 12th grade and I went to work at my dad’s clinic with a fake eye bandage that I had colored red in spots with a dry-erase marker. That was pretty good, and it even led him to retaliate by sending a prospective “Mafia Bride” to come to my school and hassle me in the middle of class. That’s a true (but long) story for another time, I suppose.

In any case, sorry Paul, but you won’t be an uncle soon, and sorry, “Auntie Di,” that we won’t be able to convince you to watch our offspring for us… yet.

But one day, hopefully.

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