Boy Banned

I’m not sure why, but I still hate Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah, I know, like 15 years later. Maybe it’s his goateed, dog-faced head, but I just can’t like this guy.

I’ve made amends with the other boy idols that the girls of my generation swooned over. Brad Pitt is actually a good actor and seems like a cool guy; perhaps “Legends of the Fall” was just a shitty, shitty fluke. Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg is still a Wahlberg, but at least he was good in “Three Kings” and “Boogie Nights,” and if I were a casting director, he’d be my go-to guy when I was looking for someone who could nail the role of a kind-hearted dumbass. Even Robbie Williams is off my Shit List. Maybe if I were a European male I’d feel obliged to hate Williams, but since he hardly shows up in the American consciousness, it’s easier to defend liking him. And I actually like his songs.

But what is it about Leonardo DiCaprio? It can’t just be me, can it?

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One thought on “Boy Banned

  1. I think it was Gangs of New York that won me over. That movie just kicked ass. And then he just kept getting better roles from there. I always liked how he took it slow after Titanic and didn’t just take every role he could find like most actors would have. Kinda let us get the bitter taste… ah shit. The Phillies won the world series. Now who the hell is that good for?

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