Blogtoberfest Is Dead, Long Live Novembeard!

Well, Blogtoberfest has been a good time this year, and I’ve gotten nearly a post a day done. That’s good enough for this guy. Now, it’s time for something less labor intensive: growing a scraggly and mediocre beard:
My trashy beard, circa 2004
Ironically, I had thought of combining “November” and “Beard” a day before my friend Brad told me about Movember, which is all about growing November moustaches for charity. Sounds pretty good, although I don’t really like moustaches very much, at least not when they’re on my upper lip. Like most people, I prefer to simply admire them from afar; look, but definitely don’t touch. But I may go in for  Movember and start growing my own personal “moustrashe” eventually. 
I don’t have many talents, but I’d say growing a trashy beard that most people dislike –except Angela, inexplicably– seems to be one of them. So we’ll see where November takes us. It’s a journey, after all… a gross facial hair journey!
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2 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Is Dead, Long Live Novembeard!

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I just happened to shave right before the change of the month, and I never shave, but at least it should give me a good indication of how nasty my face can look in only a month’s time.

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