Big Picture of the Day Catch-Up

We’ve got lots of pictures to look at, so let’s get to it!

October 29th: A new lamp that Angela and I got on our trip to the embassy (not that the embassy sells lamps, but I suppose that if they did it WOULD have made our trip to San Jose less complicated).

October 30th: A picture of Angela as a little girl. The picture is at her parents’ house.

October 31st: Ramon’s niece Evelyn. I actually don’t know her too well at all, but Ramon asked me to take a picture of her. I had thought of taking a picture of my own niece Yoselin or nephew Maikol for the picture of the day, but I never got a chance to get a picture of them together (Angela took one or two, but I didn’t), and I didn’t want to play favorites!

The picture is from First Communion celebrations in Berlin.

November 1st: It’s been pretty boring here in Berlin of late. Lots of rain, not much to do.

Also, Chubby’s a bit psycho. He used to knock over the clothes basket in the garage and sleep on our clothes, so we put a lid on it. So he started sleeping on the lid.

November 2nd: The headboard at the hotel where I teach my Wednesday class (this week I also went Tuesday).

November 3rd: Some (hopefully delicous!) sauerkraut I bought at a supermarket called Automercado in Tamarindo. It’s a nice place to go to buy weird food staples like dark bread, sauerkraut, rotisserie chickens, bagels, and strange sauces. Basically, it’s good when rice and beans just won’t cut it anymore.

November 4th: Ironically (but luckily), just a few hours after our car passed its annual inspection, a taxi backed into it, breaking the mirror and denting the door. We were parked outside a liquor store where I had gone in to buy ice cream (really!) which, of course, melted (it takes a LONG time to fill out crash paperwork for the National Insurance Company).

November 5th: Word to the wise: don’t buy a Microsoft wireless keyboard. This one was nice for a bit, but after less than a year the “E” and “L” stopped working (and after watching “Wheel of Fortune” at my grandparents’ house, I know that those are two of the most vital letters to the English language!). Plus, after a month or two of not being used, it’s starting to get a touch of mold. But that’s Costa Rica’s fault, not Microsoft’s.

November 6th: I took about 30 of these pictures in Angela’s parents’ kitchen last night, but someone kept moving (until the last picture, when I gave up and told them to look at the camera and not move). So, candid shots are nice, but in this case, the posed one was the nicest one. From left, Cecila, Honorio, and Angela.

November 7th: We finally got a clock for our living room! And it’s red.

November 8th: Lots and lots of little bottles on the bathtub ledge, and it’s making me uneasy.

November 9th: Some shoes that I got the last time I went to Colorado. They reflect my deep and abiding love for Samba dancing and my commitment to indoor soccer. And they keep my feet from getting wet when I’m walking outside and it’s raining, so they’re ideal shoes in that sense.

November 10th: Honestly, I’m not a big fan of this picture but it’s about the only one I have from this day. So I sepia-ed the hell out of it. It’s just a field next to the “Costa Rica-Taiwan Friendship Bridge,” where I usually stop to have a leak and stretch during my drive to my Wednesday class in Guanacaste.

November 11th: This is actually a lingiustic commentary. In Costa Rican Spanish, “night club” means “strip club” (as does “nigth club,” as it’s often misspelled). That’s the type of information that can come in handy when you least expect it.

Anyhow, these are two signs from a strip club somewhere on the road between my house and my Wednesday evening class. It seems like a pretty classy place (“Ricuras” means “tasties,” sort of).

November 12th: A raspberry from Chubby. Angela got a bit nuts and decided to dress up Boner with a necklace and even a bit of lipstick.

November 13th: A fiber-optic decoration that my in-laws have on their table. I think it’s pretty cool, and in a picture it sort of looks like a firework seen from a distance.

November 14th: Arenal Volcano, on a rare clear day. We took a trip to Arenal Paraiso Hotel to celebrate Angela’s birthday.

November 15th: Angela. Happy Birthday!

November 16th: Some Garfield slippers that Angela got for her birthday from Adriana.

November 17th: A cooler that my grandma gave me. A classic.

November 18th: From the beach at Pinilla.

So, that’s it for now! There are only a few days left in this 365 project, so I’ll have to start an official countdown in a day or two.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Big Picture of the Day Catch-Up

  1. nice pics, as usua. i like that clock, I especially like the emphasis placed on A QUARTER PAST the hour. way underrated by most clocks.

    keep em coming sitzman!

  2. Haha! True!

    And I’ll keep the pics coming, but there are only about 10 more days in the 365 project (but I’ll likely start another one, although it’s gonna have a lot of pictures of random crap throughout our house, I reckon!).

  3. You have Sambas? I guess I had seen them, but it never fully clicked. I definitely like the look of those shoes, but I found when I tried them on that they’re not especially comfortable when you’re not wearing them for indoor soccer. Not much of a footbed for street walking, I suppose. Either way, stylish choice!

  4. Yeah, I actually got them in the mail when I came to CO for the summer. I wore them on the trip to Germany and Spain, and walked a buttload with them. The only thing was that on the right shoe, it occasionally got uncomfortable near a lace for some reason, and I never figured out why. But they’re fine now.

    I guess if I really do go walking, I tend to wear other shoes now, but those ones treated me well. I like Gazelles, too, but a bit too much suede, and that means mold down here…

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