Berlín is Full of Master Bakers

I always said that if I had a ton of free time, I’d hang out and home and get really great at making bread. Well, I don’t have a ton of free time, so my bread is merely “adequate.” But that’s OK for now. In any case, there has recently been a lot of cooking being done in Berlin, and some of it has made for interesting pictures. The one above is me making bread from a recipe that I found in Martha Stewart Living. Seriously. I’m not proud that I have the magazine, but I gotta hand it to the ol’ bag: She’s good. Martha is really good. So the other night I was making a bread from the magazine, as well as an eye-popping stew that is based on beef, potatoes, and Guinness. So, at least it’s not something as sissy as a potpourri sashé or anything involving the word “cozy.”

I know that this technically isn’t baking, as it was never put into an oven, but this is the cake that Angela made me for my birthday. It’s really tasty, and is based on cookies, cream, condensed milk, and lemon.

Cutting the cake with my trusty machete, which Angela gave me for my birthday last year.

The happy couple.

Speaking of birthdays, I’ve been trying to make some cakes recently. The one I tried to make for my birthday (which I wanted to take to work) got all screwed up, and ended up sticking to the pans. No matter, because it was still damn tasty, so seeing as we had 4 Argentineans visiting us at the time, we decided to just eat the whole thing with our hands. The cake in the picture above is similar to the one that I made for Abuela’s birthday on March 25th (I didn’t take a picture of that specific cake). She liked it a lot.

Here is a turtle-shaped empanada de chiverre, which is like a bread thing filled with spiced fruit from a gourd. Angela’s sister Toni made it for me. It’s also a traditional food in Costa Rica around Easter (although usually not shaped like a turtle…that was just because Toni is awesome).

This picture is totally unnecessary, except for the fact that it displays my robe, the Technicolor Dreamcoat, in all its splendor.

Here is the meal that I made with the Martha Stewart stew. It’s also a tribute to my grandma, who has taken a picture of every family meal that we’ve sat down to since…well, probably the 1950s. I hear that my grandma reads this blog, and even passes it on to her friends, who enjoy it immensely. I am somewhat bothered by the idea that my grandma is reading my profanity-infused musings, but I am also happy that she enjoys them. So, hi grandma!

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